JoAnne Creates Exceptional Digital Healthcare Experiences

JoAnne Creates Exceptional Digital Healthcare Experiences

The pandemic forced many healthcare organizations to reimagine their processes. As Director of Healthcare Solutions for Coastal Cloud, JoAnne used Formstack to help her clients digitize quickly.

“I have no qualms recommending Formstack with confidence to our clients.”

With more than two decades of experience working in the healthcare sector, JoAnne knows the struggles hospitals have when it comes to digitization and creating a seamless patient experience. In her role at Coastal Cloud, she empowers healthcare systems by helping them build powerful, HIPAA compliant, digital workflows. One of the tools she relies on to do this work is Formstack. Through their partnership with Formstack, Coastal Cloud consultants are able to continually learn about the ways Formstack can be used to create a variety of secure digital healthcare workflows.

As a platinum Salesforce consulting partner, Coastal Cloud is an expert in providing customers seamless solutions that easily integrate with Salesforce. This is why they love Formstack for Salesforce, an online forms, documents, and eSignature solution that works within Salesforce. From patient registration to internal workflows, JoAnne and her team are able to build secure, streamlined data management processes for healthcare clients of all sizes.

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Launched quickly

Produced an impactful new system in four days

Empowered clients

Built workflows clients can easily update and replicate

Built better experiences

Replaced complicated, manual systems with automated workflows

Eliminated paper

Replaced cumbersome paper processes with highly efficient systems

Video Transcript

Formstack just makes it easy to use. And the easier your technology is to use, the quicker your client or your patient gets to the help they need.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is JoAnne King, and I am Director of Health Care Solutions for Coastal Cloud. We are a platinum sales force consulting partner. We are also recognized as experts in the health care space.

What were the challenges before using Formstack?

In the United States, here we have some of the most advanced health care technology in the world. And in spite of that, on the flip side, we have a long ways to go in the health care industry when it comes to digital engagement and patient experience.

I think of going to my own physician. And every year when I go for my annual appointment, I get a clipboard. And I have to fill out the same five-- six pages of information. That's the exact same five or six pages of information I have to fill out every year.

How have you reimagined work using Formstack?

At the beginning of the COVID crisis, there were a lot of challenges that healthcare systems were facing. A particular client we were working with, they had a challenge of some departments were being shut down, such as elective procedures. And they had team members who weren't able to work, while other departments in the health system needed extra help.

How are they going to connect those who wanted to work with those who needed the extra help in their departments? Initially, their HR department was working off of phone calls, emails, and lots and lots of spreadsheets trying to connect those people with where the need was.

And they reached out to us. And we were able to collaborate with Formstack, and over the course of just four days, come up with a solution that used Formstack as that initial place. And within four days, we got them off multiple spreadsheets, and lots of disconnected phone calls, and missed messages to a very streamlined system.

What outcomes has Formstack helped you achieve?

We have a great deal of confidence knowing that we have Formstack as an option to share with our clients, particularly those that are looking for solutions that are great user interfaces that are easy for customers to use, as well as their team members to use.

And, again, because the Formstack team is so incredibly responsive, and they take the time to listen to the client, I'm always confident when I'm going into any discussion with any of my Formstack colleagues.

There is not a big learning curve. Anybody, whether it's the customer or whether it's the folks working, within our provider clients, . They're able to get up and running on Formstack and have seamless experiences very quickly.

What advice would you give to someone looking to become “practically genius”?

For me, I'd always say think of your end user. Kind of think of the end at the beginning. Think of who's going to be using that product. I think in today's world, we think about make your product easy. I think about now with vaccine registrations, it doesn't have to be complicated.

And a lot of folks aren't able to get in for vaccines because they don't know how to manage all the screens they have to go through. The easier your technology is to use, the quicker your client or your patient gets to the help they need.

Why do you recommend Formstack to your clients?

Absolutely, I have. I have no qualms recommending Formstack with confidence to our clients. The experience with a form step partner team has been phenomenal. They are very responsive. They really listen and dig in to find out what your customer-- what our client's needs are.

And they're always looking at how can we help. And no task is too big or small. And they're willing to look at everything from all angles to come up with the right solution for that client.

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